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Between the 5th and the11th of March will host the international training course “Digital youth CAFE”. 
 Our training-seminar is financed by European Commission within the Erasmus Plus Programme and it is focused on two connected topics: visibility of youth NGOs in digital reality and its potential for online fundraising.
The main aim of the project is to compile good practices on online communication and fundraising in the field of youth work.

The project will gather thirteen youth workers from Spain, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine. During the 6 training days participants will attend study sessions on following topics:
  • Modern Communication: characteristics and challenges
  • Communication Strategy: What do we communicate?
  • Tangible and intangible results of youth projects
  • Communication through text: tips to develop good content
  • Free visualization tools —posters, materials for social media, infographics
  • Social media marketing: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Linkedin and Blog as tools for communication
  • Tools for strategic communication: Hootsuite and Google Analytics
  • Google grants for NGOs —how to use them for your web-site of NGO/social project
  • Online Fundraising Crowdfunding: theory, good practices
  • Strategic Crowdfunding

The methodology of the training programme will be built on the real examples of communication and fundraising strategies of youth NGOs.  During the training participants will gain necessary knowledge and practical skills on the training topics, will compile best practices in the blog and develop two webinars on the strategies for online communication and fundraising after the training activity.



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