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BIODRISSA, the ecological garden project of the DRISSA Foundation, in Girona, has received the Web Award for 0 Km Projects -which has the objective of helping organizations that work with criteria of proximity and sustainability- and will have the web services for free until 2021.
The DRISSA Foundation, winner of the award, is a non profit organization whose primary objective is to work for the improvement of the quality of life of people with mental illness, especially those with severe mental disorders. When awarding her the prize, it has been considered that her BIODRISSA project, in addition to a therapeutic tool, is a remarkable model in the field of sustainability Km 0.
Biodrissa Km0Biodrissa huerta ecologica

The Scholarship Committee, together with Sílvia Bau, who contributes with her disinterested endowment to this award, first chose the 11 best proposals among the many that were submitted to the call, to grant them an advisory scholarship.

Throughout these pre-resolution counseling sessions we have exchanged knowledge and impressions on web strategies and online communication with the different candidate projects. Choosing a winning organization has not been easy, because we have met many people dedicated to projects of great social value. This strengthens us in our way of doing: From the Foundation we will continue advising organizations and developing websites for projects that improve the world.

We give big congratulations to the DRISSA Foundation, winner with her BIODRISSA project of the Web Award for 0 Km projects, as well as the Microbosque project, to which we have granted a secondary award. We also thank all the organizations and people that have approached on this call. announces awards every year in different areas to enhance a project and also, without this being less important, to meet those people who are working to improve the world.


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