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As of January 2019 the terms and conditions of use of this platform to share and upload photos will change. And if you are one of those who have a lot of images or videos on your profile, this article will interest you.
Before Facebook existed, and even long before Instagram came on the scene, Yahoo created a platform in 2004 that allowed users to upload their photos and videos to share and comment on the network: Flickr.


As you know, the Abcore Cadí software developed by, allows our users of the network to synchronize the photos published in their Flickr account on their website.
The software has a space called 'Photos'. Once the user accesses it, he can sort the photographs by albums through a list that will be incorporated into the Abcore space.
This synchronization also allows you to upload all the albums you want, import photos from Flickr, select an album publication date and set the frequency of album synchronization among other features.
Since 2013 this social network allowed free storage and all resolution up to 1TG (1000GB) of photos and videos. But that's going to change. Last April, the platform was taken over by SmugMug. The new owners want to change the terms and conditions of use.

As of January 8, 2019, free accounts will be limited to 1,000 photos and videos. The rest of the content, unless you decide to go for the premium option, will be deleted.

Flickr Pro

Flickr Pro works better than ever and for less than half the price that Apple, Amazon or Google is, without a doubt, the best photo storage offer.

The Pros obtain these benefits:

  • Unlimited storage. The only limit is your imagination. Now all Pro members can upload all the photos they make with the best possible resolution.
  • Navigation without advertising
  • Advanced statistics. They will let you know which of your photos are most popular at the moment and which ones have the best performance since you opened your Flickr Pro account.

More features Pro

  • Premier Product Support. Flickr Pro members will now be the first to receive help from the new technical support team.
  • More discounts for members. You can save on items for photography.
  • Discounts on Adobe Creative Cloud. 50% discount on a website for custom portfolio in SmugMug, Peak Design team, and more.
  • Advanced statistics on mobile devices. All photo statistics will be available in the application.

At the beginning of 2019.

  • Pro images will have display options with resolutions up to 5K.
  • Videos of 10 minutes instead of 3.
Still from iWith.Org we have good news to tell you if you are a member of our network. The Abcore Cadí software allows you to add a new user to your account without having to delete the previous account, being able to store twice as many photos without having to switch to Pro.

However, if you are not a member of our network and have a free account and have uploaded more than 1000 photos or videos, remember, you have until January 9 to hire Pro (with 30% discount the first year) or to download your photos and videos!




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Laura Morral
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