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The Pam a Pam project evaluates all those entities that meet the criteria of social transformation through the democratization of the economy and sustainability. has been included in the map of the social and solidarity economy (ESS) in Catalonia of the Pam a Pam project. It is a collaborative map and a tool for social transformation, which shows initiatives that meet ESS criteria to facilitate responsible consumption.

Pam a Pam works to know in depth each initiative that shows on the map. To do this, it elaborates a questionnaire with 15 criteria that analyze the sustainability of the initiatives, the care of the work team or the community, the social impact of these in their surroundings and the environmental impact.

These 15 criteria are:
Internal democracy, personal development, feminist perspective, working conditions, suppliers, intercooperation, free and open licenses, transparency, financial management, social cohesion, social transformation, territorial roots, environmental sustainability, waste management, energy consumption.
Among all of these criteria, stands out for its internal democracy, personal development, working conditions, intercooperation, free licenses, transparency, transformative finances, social cohesion and its territorial roots.
We are happy to be part of this movement of entities that share similar values, such as social transformation through democratization of the economy, self-management of work, prioritization of people above capital and relationships based in the cooperation and the sustainability of life.
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Laura Morral
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