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We have already won the Web Awards for Culture Projects at Cotxeres de Sants and Casinet d'Hostafrancs
It is a powerful project in the city of Barcelona where activities are programmed together with neighborhood organizations, in organizing commissions. It is a model of co-management between municipal personnel and staff of federations of entities, the Secretariat of Entities of Sants, Hostrafrancs and La Bordeta.
Cotxeres de Sants hosts emblematic events such as the Open of Chess of Sants, Hostafrancs and La Bordeta, or the Fantastic and Terror of Sants Marathon, as well as concerts, exhibitions, conferences, fairs and all kinds of activities during almost 365 days a year.

The facility consists of a complex of three buildings. The first two buildings add up to a total area of about 5,000 m2, with a conference room, Internet room, an auditorium of 1,200 m2 and other multipurpose spaces. The remodeling works of the third building have provided a useful space for a house of 400 m2 old people and a large auditorium.
The objective is to make the project more known to the neighborhood and the city, not so much by the activities that are carried out, but rather by the values behind it. All the initiatives are programmed jointly with the entities giving a community air to the project. The Cotxeres-Casinet website has become obsolete and the project needs to see activities, workshops, courses, etc. in a more orderly and practical way.


Entities that have taken part in the second phase and have received advice from in the field of Internet are:

Geganters d'Oliana, Orfeó badaloní, Centre d'Estudis Sant Martí de Provençals, Intriga teatro, Asociación Argadini, Asociación Sociocultural ACM, Grup de Foc Sant Boi, Claseate, Asociación Esta Vida, Las que habitan la cultura, Producciones menos es más, Turismo Creativo (leyendas solidarias), Associació Tradicions Populars Serpent de Manlleu, Fundación Iberoamericana Europa, Asociación Progestión, Rioja Acoge, Federación de Entidades Cristianas Didania, Coordinadora Colla Gegantera de Girona, Dracs i Diables La Sagrera, Proyecto Metamorfosis, Associación del Norte al Sur, Novembre Feminista, Asociación Exoestrato, Centre Democràtic i Progressista, Comsoc (contes del món), Dona Cançó, La habitación gestión cultural and Col·lectiu investigació i Prehistòria. 
From, we would like to congratulate the winning project and we will offer our support and support to improve the web and its presence on the Internet until 2022, which includes the creation of the web page on the Abcore Cadí platform with:
  • Accommodation
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Training of administrators
  • Web communication tools such as newsletters, events or press release service
  • Support for users
  • Accompaniment to the project

The costs of these services are assumed by until 2022, thanks to the unselfish contributions of Chus Roig and Team de Teaming


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Laura Morral
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